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Welcome to Aqua Artists, your trusted source for aquatics design and building, Learn more about our services, company, and experience below.


I am well qualified to design and build your project. With my experience and personal supervision, I am certain that I can deliver the product that you want and need for the showpiece area of your Project.


Service and Capabilities

Clients’ needs vary greatly, so We have flexible capabilities. I can follow your specifications and designs, or provide my experience to any or all design aspects of the project.

I have seen and built a lot of different applications in the last 38 years, with over 800+ projects. I have specialized in just Aquatics and will help you get the most satisfaction from the project. "Value Engineering" helping you to get the most of what you want at the least costs over both the short-term and long-term.



This is just a sample of some of our products.

Contact us to see even more examples of how Aqua Artists will exceed your expectations.

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